News: The Attempted Murder Of Issy Stapleton

Attempted murder is and always is attempted murder. Moreover, the act of trying to kill someone is just as evil as it is to succeed in kill a person.

Today, I have heard the story of Issy Stapleton; a fourteen year old Autistic Person who is currently in hospital with Carbon Monoxide poisoning, after her mother, Kelli Stapleton, tried to commit suicide along with murdering her own daughter. Issy Stapleton will most probably suffer from severe brain damage due to this attempt of her own life.

There is absolutely no excuse for this act.  This woman tried to murder her own daughter, and I honestly cannot imagine an act more evil than even thinking of killing your own child. The fact that Mrs Stapleton’s daughter is an Autistic Person does not change the severity of her crime, and so I, along with many others in the Autistic Community believe that she must not be charged lightly because of her daughter’s Autism. An Autistic Life is as equal in importance and an Unautistic one, and the justice system in America must be aware of this when sentencing Kelli Stapleton.

That being said, I believe that it is indisputable that there are not enough support services for parents of Autistic People. Could this evil act have been prevented by an increase of positive service? Perhaps. I think that the Autistic Rights Movement should aim to make sure that the parents of Autistic People are well cared for; because ultimately, if the parents cannot thrive, the children will never be able to thrive. Because of this fact, i believe that the parents of Autistic People are indeed members of the Autistic Community, and the Autistic Rights Movement must not overlook the issues these parents face.

Yes, it is upsetting that Kelli Stapleton slipped through the cracks; but again, this is no excuse for her to have tried to take the life of her own daughter. If Kelli Stapleton is given a lighter sentence by the jury, this only sends the fundamentally incorrect message that an Autistic Life is one of a lesser value. It sends the message that it is ‘ok’ for someone to try to kill an Autistic Person; that it’s even ok to succeed in killing an Autistic Person. For all of the people  in the Autistic Community: Autistic People and their family, friends and partners, their parents and their children, we cannot let any justice system believe that this crime is of lesser evil just because Issy Stapleton is Autistic.

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5 Responses to News: The Attempted Murder Of Issy Stapleton

  1. Heather Anderson says:

    Wow. You’ve clamed your judgement seat. Do you seriously think Kelli was of sound mind when she did this? Have you even read her blog? You write: “This woman tried to murder her own daughter, and I honestly cannot imagine an act more evil than even thinking of killing your own child.” I don’t believe, in her very diminished and clearly compromised mental state, that she set out to “kill her own child.” She put herself in that van as well. Perhaps she felt there was no other way. She loved her child, you know, the one who abused her daily, hourly. You claim to represent the Autism community. You do not represent me. Issy’s life IS valued. She did not “deserve” this. But neither did Kelli. None of it is “okay”. How desperately sad for all.

    • xx says:

      I am personally deeply sorry to have upset you.

      From where i stand, I see a very sad and complex case and perhaps the view that i stated in my piece was far too simplistic. However, that being said, the manner of which Kelli had tried to take her own life and the life of her daughter required meticulous planning- this was not a spontaneous crime! Her daughter will live with permanent brain damage because of this act. We cannot over look this.
      Moreover, many people who has tried to kill someone are in a compromised mental state; i would even argue that most people who try to kill someone are desperate and in a compromised mental state. Kelli Stapleton still committed a serious crime. I think that jail is the right place for Kelli Stapleton to be. Perhaps as part of her sentencing, she will get the treatment she needs; ie counselling, mental health services.

      The best thing that the authorities can do is ensure that nothing like this happens again; that no one slips under the cracks like Kelli Stapleton did. Kelli Stapleton need a fair sentence that does not overlook the severity of this crime.

      Again, my apologies for upsetting you

  2. Terrlyn t says:

    Please contact me original author:)

  3. Her daughter will live with permanent brain damage? Where did you receive that information? Oh, I know, because the “trooper” who found them said it. Well, he is certainly qualified now isn’t he? The FACTS are there is NO brain damage from this incident. Kelli didn’t slip through the cracks, she was shoved through…She fought every insurance and government agency daily while being beaten at least 93 times a day by her daughter’s outburst. It’s ALL documented. The system failed Kelli and Issy. Kelli’s love for Issy never faulted!! You never once stepped in Kelli’s shoes, let alone took one step, so for you to judge and to know her and where she was mentally is WAY off!! Jail is NOT where Kelli needs to be. She needs HELP and Help getting Issy the proper treatment for her RARE form of Autism!!

    • xx says:

      I am sincerely sorry for offending you Shannon

      I heard from a source that Issy Stapleton would most probably live with permanent brain damage, and brain damage is a common effect of carbon monoxide poisoning; I am not sure if Issy’s condition is improving in hospital or not.

      I agree, the system certainly failed both Kelli and Issy, and this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Yes, Kelli does need help; not only for herself, but for her daughter.

      I /personally/ believe that kelli should not be able to walk free. This is my own personal belief, other contributors to this blog may not agree with me, however I have a right to have my own opinions, as much as you have a right to your own opinions.

      My statement on how i think jail is the right place for kelli to be: again, i say that she did do something that could have harmed not only herself, but another person due to her compromised mental state- being with the rest of society, where she was as if nothing happened would not help her. i may be somewhat naieve about the judical system in America, but it may be a good thing for her to go there because as a part of her sentance she would have access to councillers and mental health specialists who would actually help her recover from what has happened. she may not get this kind of support if she was just thrown back into society. again, i may be naieve, but that was basically what i was trying to say.

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